Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Chery Eastar (in Malaysia) or V5 Crossover (Worldwide) is a unique Crossover, exquisitely exhibiting the ‘3M’ core values of ‘Room, Home and Team’. Brought to malaysia by Chery Malaysia Alado Sdn Bhd.

Ideally structured to accommodate more passengers, Chery Eastar has intelligently presented to you “ROOM”, which essentially means space. “HOME” translates into the 3+2+2 structure of a typical modern-day family. Chery Eastar speaks for pleasant transport for your every family outing. With respect to “TEAM”, Chery Eastar has got much to offer. A mobile office, we call it. It maneuvers your team to the desired destinations. Compared to the other conventional cars, Chery Eastar is undoubtedly a clear winner to gratify your multifarious needs.
Cantik tak! ayat yang baby Dina selalu tanya......

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Alamak ! nak jatuh pulak... Apa nie?

Pandangan dari belakang Cherry Easter

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Happy birthday to Dina......

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Some review about this chery MPV:
1. Driving performance: stable, smooth and relatively quiet on the busy Ampang Road. Good acceleration. felt like a strong horse ready to burst compare to my aging Waja.
2. Car features - the interior is nice to look at except the seats have so-so fabric. Changing to leather will improve the overall look and feel. Laquered steering and dashboard surprisingly give a more elegant feel than Proton Perdana or Naza Ria. The aircon is the best, very cool and strong. Automatically adjust according to the interior temp. Last row seats kinda small but still bigger than Grand Livina.
The exterior boast twin lamps similar to Satria Neo while the rear lights is a combination of halogen and LED similar to Grandis/Wish/Stream. Since it’s place at the top, minor accident won’t damage it. Shape similar to Grandis/Stream. Less sleek than Wish.
3. Fuel consumption (please indicate the driving speed): about 11.3km/litre, full tank is 62 litres tank.
4. Space: more room compare to Avanza vs Grand Livina but less than Innova, Serena. Should be like Wish 1.8 except middle of 2nd row seats can be folded down to form a very comfortable armrest. Last rows kinda tight but still better than Grand Livina.
5. Service and service center location: I was shown a list of many outlets thoroughout Malaysia.
6. During high speed at 160KMH, this Chery MPV is stable even at Sungai Buluh corner heading to KL at 140KMH. But from 130 - 160 KMH, a bit heavy, takes some time and skill ( using normal auto )
7. On the suspension overall performance is ok ( compare to avanza / innova / naza ria ) but if choose 17 or 18 inch rim might be helpful in traction and grip ( wider tyre ) might be needed compare to the std rim and tyre
As for being on the road, this car was only launched on Sep 3, 2008. It’s not a popular model so there should not be many OTR.
8. Acceleration was smooth and good (maybe coz new car), quiet too. Pickup was zippy esp. after full stop. The most pleasant surprise was the U-Turn in a small road along Jalan Ampang. I made a swift turn with extra space to spare!! My Waja would probably need to turn 2-3 times. What a great turning ratio.


EDEN.NAT said...

wow thx for sharing. hubby and i are planning to get a mpv car as our little pricess coming chinese new yr nextr yr. saw chery car at cheras tesco this afternoon while having lunch break. chery outlook caught my attention. it's much bigger than proton alza & nissan livina, and it is only RM80k for leather seats. 7 adults seats aren't like others 2 are kiddo seats.

A china car and assembly local. Alot people do not like china products, but they forgotten mobile phones that they are using, are all made in china. alright coming stday will bring my hubby there to have a look.

chilun @ cik pau @ bibimie said...

not bad huh... tq for sharing. tengah riki2 mana yang sesuai dengan bajet. anak dah 3 kena laa upgrade kereta. siap dah plan anak no 4... kompem kena upgrade.

harganya rm80K dengan leather seats? isks... isks... kena gi tengok kat kedai nih... huhu...

Farizal Lazim said...

Salam :

Saya nak tau tenang Cherry Eastar. Bagaimana maintenence ok ke? mahal atau berpatutan? Minyak macam mana? Pusat servis banyak x? Saya cadang nak beli CE. Ada problem yang teruk tak sepanjang Tuan/Puan guna sampai hari ini?

Terima Kasih

Geraldine Tok said...


Hows your chery V5 after these few years of driving it? Any major issue?